The Outlet 66 Mall

The Outlet 66 Mall

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The Outlet 66 Mall in its architecture stands a good size, very easy and enjoyable tour of its design
and structural form. Our area boasts a beautiful roof glazing terrace and an attractive fountain
surrounded by an abundant garden.

Currently, the mall has 73 shops and 53 corridor modules, offering customers a broad range of
offerings at the time of purchase. In addition, our facilities is located a carousel for children and seven
last generation cinemas with a play area. The Outlet 66 Mall has been positioned in the community
as a unique space where even the most discerning can find everything is looking for. As our slogan:
Closer, more comfortable and cheaper.

We achieved the highest industry standards in security systems, air conditioning, public counting
and a large parking. We are surrounded by major roads, as the main road and the highway number
three “Route 66”, which ends in our mall.

These features make our mall the most visited by our residents and tourists.

Our mission is to bring the community an excellent product that satisfies the most discerning
customers for its quality, variety and services.

In pursuit of this excellence we encourage creativity, enthusiasm and motivation of each of the
individuals involved with us directly and indirectly.

We care about our employees, suppliers and tenants to have a unique profile of quality and service. To
make a difference compared to our competitors.

Being in the completion of Route 66, makes us more accessible and better perceived by consumers.

Our ethics is totally impeccable, it is extremely important that our staff is based in truth, authenticity
and professional honesty. Keeping satisfied and oriented our tenants and the public is our best
business. Every action taken must generate extraordinary results. We try to be the best and
the first to produce the changes. To achieve the objectives, teamwork is essential. Loyalty,
along with the human value, but mainly with the ethics we take our profession to another level.

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