The best places to celebrate your wedding in Puerto Rico

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The best places to celebrate your wedding in Puerto Rico

There is nothing more pleasant for a couple than to celebrate their wedding day in a big way and what better than to do it in the best places to celebrate your wedding, in Puerto Rico, a place that without a doubt is a paradise since it has the better beaches, history and culture, which are worth enjoying and what better way to do it on that special day.

Considering that there is always a good time when weddings are usually celebrated, the best date to have one on the island of enchantment is from mid-December to the end of April.

The choice of these dates is made considering the possible climatic variations to which the island is subjected, it is also important to consider that if you want to have your wedding at a time that is not so noisy and without many people, consider doing it between the months of April and may.

Exclusive locations

One of the exclusive places that couples usually go is Coco Beach Golf Resort is a reserved place that many would like to visit, with large rooms overlooking the El Yunque rainforest and also the Atlantic Ocean.

This place has beautiful areas ideal even to celebrate a baptism or a business event, since it is a place that lends itself to any type of event.

We have for its part the Copamarina Beach Resort & Spa this is a very romantic place, with the best panoramic view of the beach overlooking the Caribbean Sea, that is why it is an exclusive place for a wedding, it is located in the town of Guánica in the island of Puerto Rico.

Among the services available at this fabulous resort are the swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, restaurant and, of course, ideal rooms to spend a well-deserved honeymoon.

St. Regis Bahía is one of the luxurious places where you can plan your big wedding, this is a resort that is located in a national forest and that has one of the best beaches on the island with very soft and peaceful sands, ideal also to enjoy a warm honeymoon.

The St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort Puerto Rico3

This place has golf courses, a spa, dance halls, terraces, famous restaurants, such as Jean Georges, will make the moment the most ideal to enjoy the best moments before, during and after your wedding.

And the interaction with nature is incredible, a jungle environment and the soft and delicate music of the sound of the waves when they reach the shore of the beach is the best.

For its part we have a very luxurious place called Casa Herdz which is reputed to be ideal for the best weddings on the island, it is a dream place, it is located on the northwest coast of the island.

It is a place dreamed of with an outdoor space that can host more than 150 guests, overlooking the sea, professional staff that can attend to your requirements during the wedding, with careful attention for all your guests and their loved ones.

Casa Herdz is considered a luxurious, elegant place, surrounded by a natural environment with unparalleled beauty.

Tradicional places

You cannot fail to mention that you can have your wedding in the Botanical Gardens that are located at the University of Puerto Rico, this beautiful park is made up of 300 acres that has flora from all over the world.

Can you imagine having your wedding in such a fantastic place? Definitely without words, you can easily make the big wedding and I’ll tell you why, apart from the beautiful garden that has the most beautiful flowers, it has a wooden bridge in one of its gardens, if you love to use an outdoor place to make a meeting with your loved ones, this is the ideal.

One cannot fail to mention one of the traditional places for those who would like to have an elegant wedding with the best and traditional view of Old San Juan, a town full of traditional and many legends, its colorful houses and hundreds of years of tradition.

Its Spanish architecture, churches with years of experience, beautiful profiles and with the best people on the island, because with these and many other things, it is an ideal and traditional environment to perform the best weddings on the island of charm, Puerto Rich.


One cannot fail to mention a hotel with years of tradition and, like the island, of charm, since the Hotel El Convento is located in Old San Juan, it is a historic place but with the necessary modernity to celebrate the best weddings in the island.

It has several rooms for the celebration, an internal patio in which you can carry out your wedding in an intimate environment and with the characteristic elegance of such a significant occasion.

This place is ideal since in the upper part the hotel is available with more than 50 rooms arranged to accommodate those guests at the reception.

Hotel El Guajataca an ideal place for any meeting, especially a wedding, since it has more than 90 years of history, it is located in Quebradillas, spacious and comfortable rooms all with ocean views and located near the El Guajataca Tunnel.

The hotel has very good references from both its own clients and tourists, so much so that it is emerging as one of the first destinations for Weddings facing the sea, this is thanks to the view it has and the charm of nature that it can accompany any kind of event.

Extraordinary places that don’t cost very expensive

The pearl restaurant is one of those extraordinary places, unique in which it is worth paying, because the occasion deserves it, this place is shaped like seashells that are floating in a pool with spectacular views of the Atlantic Sea.

They offer a menu with the best dishes in the area, fresh, delicacies to make your wedding unforgettable.

Hacienda Don Carmelo, this site has the particularity that its center of attraction is formed by a tree that is found on the hacienda, it is located in a place that is called Pueblo de Vega Baja.

Can you imagine enjoying your wedding surrounded by the most beautiful nature? Well, this is the ideal place for it, in the center of the hacienda there is an otherwise spectacular country house.

Both things form the ideal key that serves as a framework to make the most fantastic wedding and special for those couples who love nature and the outdoors.

Public places

You can have your wedding at Las Ruinas, this is a place that tells history since after an earthquake in 1918 The Ruins became a lonely place but with incredible charm to perform fantastic natural and rustic weddings.

It is located on a deserted beach, where you can have your wedding with the best sunset, definitely a reserved space, that only a few who like the original can enjoy it.

You can plan your wedding in El Yunque, this is a tropical rain forest in Puerto Rico, here you can choose different environments, however you want to plan it, you can do it, since you can leave the majestic mountain in the background with its characteristic greenery, or the resort in the background .

And if your guests have no problem whatsoever, at the end of the wedding they can refresh themselves in the natural waterfall found on the site, truly a luxurious moment that is worth enjoying to the full.

Can you imagine getting married inside a Cave? Amazing isn’t it? Without a doubt, yes, in the Camuy Caves you can have one of the best weddings, extremely peculiar by the way, these caves are an underground natural paradise, which is one of the best attractions in Puerto Rico.

Las Cavernas Río Camuy

Why does this say? Simply because this is the third largest system that exists in the world, which have enough space to host hundreds of guests.

It is definitely a very peculiar option to have a wedding, but perhaps, wouldn’t you like to be one of the few who have their wedding in a unique and different place? Think about it, it would be great.

You can decide to have a wedding in one of the most famous islands of Puerto Rico, I mean the island Vieques or Culebra, both islands have a rustic environment but at the same time elegant, luxurious and ideal to carry out the best of events, especially a nuptial meeting, as it has many advantages, an intimate meeting, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

And do not worry about accommodation, since on the island there are the best hotels willing to accommodate all the guests attending the wedding.

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