The 5 best seafood restaurants in Ponce

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The 5 best seafood restaurants in Ponce

Ponce, La , Perla del Sur. This is the second largest city in Puerto Rico and one of the most important in the southern area of the island. This is a very popular destination not only for tourists but also for locals. If you have chosen this boricua destination for your vacations, a visit like no other is waiting for you. Also called the City of Lions and the Señorial City, Ponce is a center of tourist activities, for all tastes. When you visit this city, you can’t miss what the best seafood restaurants in Ponce have to offer.

Like every coastal town, seafood is part of the menu and Ponce is no exception. This town offers a bit of everything for the visitor, from beaches, historical and touristic places to fine restaurants and hammocks that complete the experience of visiting Ponce. Whether you’ve decided to visit the historic area, go to Cruceta del Vigia or have a relaxing day at the beach, one thing you should include in your itinerary is a taste of Caribbean food. For that, nothing better than visiting one of the best seafood restaurants in Ponce.

1. La Casa del Chef

By visiting this restaurant, you will have a unique experience. First of all the attention is very good. The food is delicious and has a wide menu. Not only you will find dishes of seafood and fish, but they also have options of meat, chicken or other flavors.

The recommendation is that you visit this restaurant with your family or friends, since there is variety for every taste and its family atmosphere makes this one ideal.

Apart from its delicious menu and incredible atmosphere, in La Casa del Chef you can enjoy the local art, because on its walls there are some works of boricua artists.

2. El Pescador Bar & Grill>

As its name promises, in El Pescador Bar & Grill you will find seafood, grilled meat and drinks. Its delicious mofongos and fresh fish and seafood make this restaurant a must visit. The reality is that if you are not a seafood lover, at El Pescador you can enjoy a varied menu for everyone’s enjoyment. Some of its most outstanding dishes are its lobsters, octopuses, carruchos and fresh chillo.

This is a very nice place, with a decoration that reminds of a fishing boat. The dishes are distinguished by the fresh ingredients, the good portions and the good taste. Definitely a good place to try some of the best seafood in Ponce.

3. De Jesus Restaurant

De Jesus Restaurant is located near the Luis A Ferrer Express in Ponce. This very famous restaurant serves impressive dishes in the town of Ponce. In this restaurant you will find not only fresh fish and seafood but also some of the best dishes you can eat in the town of Ponce. Besides its seafood dishes, you can also enjoy its Creole food, drinks and wines. If you don’t want to eat seafood, we recommend its tripleta mofongo, churrasco and its Galician broth.

4. Santorini Ocean Lounge Restaurant>/h2>

This restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes, with Greek, Mediterranean and Puerto Rican inspiration. This results in a creative menu, with many options, which takes advantage of fresh seafood. It also has a spectacular view of the sea, since it is located very close to the beach. If you want a delicious meal and a relaxing experience, this is the place for you.

5. Ocean View Grill

In Bays you will find fresh and tasty food. Stuffed avocados stand out on the menu, especially the shrimp one. It is an ideal location for a private event or a big party. This place closes late, around 3 a.m., which will allow you to enjoy without any worries. They have a terrace, bar and live music shows. It is perfect for a night full of dancing, fun and exquisite preparations.  

Ponce is one of the most important tourist destinations in the southern area of Puerto Rico. When you visit, don’t forget these, the best seafood restaurants in Ponce, which will not disappoint you. Enjoy a wonderful time, with good food, art, music and lots of entertainment in the Perla del Sur.

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