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Bayamón is a Puerto Rican municipality located on the central north coast, this town is west of Guaynabo. South of Bayamón are the towns of Aguas Buenas and Comerío. To the west of Bayamón you can find the towns of Toa Alta and Naranjito which are divided by the Rio La Plata. North of Bayamón are the towns of Toa Baja and Cataño. This municipality covers an area of approximately 3,000 square kilometers making it the second largest municipality on the island. Bayamón’s population is approximately 207,960 which makes it the second most populous town in Puerto Rico. Bayamón is part of the metropolitan area of Puerto Rico.

Due to its proximity to the capital, it was chosen as a key strategic industrial city and, as San Juan is the number one port in the country, it was assumed that Bayamón would be an ideal place for the production of goods due to its proximity. The port’s proximity to food-related goods, such as sugar, flour, sugar cane, and other agricultural products, was a key factor in the many products that are produced and exported today in Bayamón.

Bayamón has 11 neighborhoods and the central area known as the town. The neighborhoods of Bayamón are:

  1. Santa Olaya
  2. New
  3. Hato Texas
  4. Leave
  5. Cerro Gordo
  6. Guaraguao Up
  7. Guaraguao Down
  8. Minillas
  9. Birds
  10. Juan Sanchez
  11. Good view
  12. Village

Bayamón is known as the City of Chicharrón for the delicious pork rinds made in this town. Another name by which the town of Bayamón is known is the Municipality of Lomas Verdes.

Politics in Bayamón

Bayamón has been led by the same family for the past 33 years. First, the former mayor of Bayamón was Ramon Luis Rivera who ruled the town of Bayamón for 23 years since he won the 1986 elections. After 23 years of service, in 2010 his son Ramon Luis Rivera Jr was elected to replace his father.

Bayamón is a municipality located on the island of Puerto Rico, in the southern part of the state of San Juan. The city is represented by two senators representing Senate District II of Puerto Rico.

Weather in Bayamón

Bayamón, being located in the Caribbean, has warm temperatures. Average temperatures in Bayamon hover between 71 degrees Fahrenheit as the average low temperature and 88 degrees Fahrenheit as the average high temperature. Bayamón’s annual rainfall ranges from 40 to 78 inches and its average temperature is 83 degrees F. On average, June is the warmest month, around 88 degrees Fahrenheit, and January is the coldest month.

Best Time to Visit Bayamón

The best time of year to visit Bayamón (depending on the number of tourists) is from the end of November to the beginning of March. According to the results, it is the most popular time for visitors from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Cuba and other parts of Latin America and the Caribbean.

During these months you can enjoy the city’s Christmas lights, its impressive restaurants and its places of interest with a pleasant temperature and climate.

Events in Bayamón

1. Commemoration of the Birthday of Jose Celso Barbosa

Commemorated every year during the month of July in Puerto Rico. Jose Celso Barbosa is the father of statehood in Puerto Rico.

2. Christmas lighting ceremony

3. Walk for diabetes

4. Chicharrón Festival

Held in the month of July, the Chicharrón Festival is one of the most acclaimed events in the town of Bayamón. In this you can enjoy music, typical food, kiosks, handicrafts and displays.

5. Festival of the Holy Cross

The Festival of the Holy Cross is the festivities of the town of Bayamon. These are celebrated during the month of May with processions, artisans, machines, food and music.

6. Bayamón International Film Festival

7. Marathon of the Holy Cross

Sports in Bayamón

Bayamón has a women’s volleyball team called Vaqueras de Bayamón, which plays in the Superior Women’s Volleyball League and a volleyball team in the Men’s Volleyball League of the same name. The Bayamón Vaqueros in winter baseball and a team of the same name in National Superior Basketball. Finally, Bayamón has its own soccer club, Bayamón FC, which started in 2009 and played in the Puerto Rico Premier League (PDL) and the United States Open Cup (U-17).

The municipality of Lomas Verdes has several sports facilities for amateur and professional sports. In this town you will find the Efraín Calcaño Alicea sports center and the Onofre Carballeira sports center, which consists of a tennis court, basketball court and volleyball court. The Pepin Cestero indoor court, host most of the basketball games in Bayamón and many other events. Finally, the Ruben Rodriguez Coliseum in Bayamón hosts the baseball games held in this municipality. Other sports practiced in Bayamón include basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball, tennis, and soccer.

Places to Visit in Bayamón

Tourist attractions are abundant in the city. There are several museums and public buildings that attract tourists from all over the world. Bayamón shares a lot of culture with the capital as part of the San Juan metropolitan area. The area has a number of tourist attractions, one of which remains busy despite its designation as a major tourist area. Of Spanish influence, there are many restaurants, bars and shops in the area, as well as many museums and galleries.

1. Public Square of Bayamón

Located in the urban area of Bayamón.

2. City Hall of Bayamón

Inaugurated in 1980, the Mayor’s Office of Bayamón is located near the Parque del Tren. This is considered a tourist attraction since it is built on a very busy avenue.

3. Luis A Ferre Science Park

The 42-hectare theme park features a variety of exhibits, including a museum, aquarium, playground, and science museum. This is the only place outside the United States where you can find a NASA rocket exhibit.

4. Braulio Castillo Theater

The Braulio Castillo Theater is the scene of a number of plays that are presented each year in the town of Bayamon. This has seen the great luminaries of Puerto Rican cinema and theater such as Suzette Baco, Rene Monclova, Yolandita Monge, Carlos Esteban Fonseca and Angela Meyer.

5. Francisco Oller Museum

The Francisco Oller Museum is located in the city of Bayamón, Puerto Rico, on the outskirts of San Juan. It comprises 9 exhibition halls, where many permanent objects and exhibits are displayed, as well as rotating exhibits of historical and cultural artifacts. The site houses the Museum of the Conquest and Colonization of Puerto Rico, which exhibits artifacts from areas other than Puerto Rico. The “Francisco Ollers Museum” or “Museum of the Museum” is also located on a hill and is located in the old Town Hall and the mayor’s office.

6. The Market

The modern market square in Bayamón offers a unique opportunity close to the center of town. In this you can find two restaurants, bars and even live music on weekends.

7. Julio Enrique Monagas National Park

The Julio Enrique Monagas National Park has a long history as a trail used by mountain bikers to train and participate in BTT and BTT races. ‘

8. Jose Celso Barbosa Museum

The José Celso Barbosa Museum, often referred to as the father of statehood, now houses a collection of items that belonged to Barbosa, as well as his personal belongings.

9. Bayamón Museum of Art

This museum in the town of Bayamon preserves works of art by artists dating from 1950 to the present. This museum has 6 permanent exhibits among which are:

  • Religious tradition
  • Contemporary Art
  • Graphic Arts of Puerto Rico
  • Abstract Arts
  • Puerto Rican Artists
  • Classic Art of Puerto Rico

10. Ron del Barrilito (Hacienda Santa Ana)

This famous distillery in Bayamon produces some of the most acclaimed rums in Puerto Rico.

11. Linear Walk

The central park, better known as the Paseo Lineal in Bayamón is a scenic road in the center of Bayamón. In this you can enjoy a long walk, trails to run, skate, run bicycles and even places available for picnics.

12. Rio Bayamón Golf Course

This golf course is one of the few golf courses in Puerto Rico that is managed by the Department of Recreation and Sports. Also, this is the only golf course in the metropolitan area of Puerto Rico. This has 18 holes, a Clubhouse and a driving range.

13. Library Dra. Pilar Barbosa

In operation since 2000, this is the municipal library of the municipality of Bayamon. In this library you can find several private rooms for education, cultural and recreational activities.

Shopping Centers in Bayamon

Bayamón has some shopping centers in its town. These include:

Plaza del Sol

1. Plaza del Sol

Located next to the Science Park, Plaza del Sol is one of the most visited shopping centers in Puerto Rico.

2. Rio Hondo Square

Plaza Rio Hondo has 180 stores, 16 theaters and 20 restaurants. Operating since 1982, this shopping center is one of the most important in the metro area.

Where to stay in Bayamon

There are several hotels in Bayamón that provide the necessary facilities to make a vacation in this city a pleasant experience.

The hotels are located near the airport and are within walking distance of tourist attractions.

Some of the hotels that we can recommend are:

Hyatt Place Bayamon

1. Hyatt Place San Juan Bayamón

The Hyatt Place hotel in Bayamón offers 156 rooms in its 3.5-star hotel. The one that can be argued is the best hotel in Bayamón, the Hyatt Place is only half a mile from the Bayamón Museum of Art, two miles from the Science Park and three miles from Plaza Rio Hondo.

This hotel has its nearby casino, a terrace on the roof of the hotel, room for events and parking available free of charge.

2. San Miguel Plaza Hotel

This three-star hotel offers a quality stay in the center of the attractions of the metropolitan area of Puerto Rico. With covered parking included, high speed internet, Simmons Beauty Resta matresses in each room and satellite television, the Hotel San Miguel is a very good option.

A tour operator can also help you plan your trip to this Caribbean city. Tour operators can provide you with all the necessary information about the city. The tour operator will also inform you about other tourist destinations in Bayamón and guide you through the process of booking your accommodation.

Where to eat in Bayamon

Bayamon has a number of spectacular restaurants. This list of restaurants where you must eat is based on the recommendation of some of our readers.


The Emidian restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants in Bayamon. In this you can find a great collection of wines, Creole and international food as well as live music on weekends. Its extensive menu leaves nothing to be desired for those who decide to visit this restaurant with neo-rustic decoration.

Some of the most exotic dishes that you can find in Emidian are duck meat, venison, bucco bear, filet mignon and even paellas.

The Corozal

You will find some of the best Creole food dishes in El Corozal. Highly recognized among the locals, El Corozal has a varied menu to satisfy the tastes of most of its guests.

Their asopaos, churrascos, stuffed mofongos and other meats make this place one that you must visit when you are in Bayamon.


One of the most authentic tacos that you will find in Puerto Rico you will find them in Alejibre. In this you can find birria tacos, barbecue, al pastor, quesadillas, margaritas and its now famous melted cheese.

This is an ideal restaurant for lovers of Mexican food who want to have a good time with the family or want a delicious lunch.

In addition to its delicious dishes, in Alejibre you can enjoy Mexican bakery sweets.

Chaplin’s Cafe

This cafeteria in Bayamon is one that you should not miss. Its delicious and sparkling coffees are one of those that you must try in Bayamon as well as its breakfasts and brunch served all day from Wednesday to Sunday with a unique and different touch from other options in the market.

One of the dishes that people consider to be the best are its ripe waffles with old clothes, steaks served with rissotto, French toast with dulce de leche, omelettes, eggs a la Chaplin, pancakes, coffees and their artisan juices.

Seriously, Chaplin’s Café is a must see.

The Local

The best hamburgers in the area are eaten at La Local. Enjoy your favorite hamburger accompanied by a craft beer, mojitos or your favorite drink.

The quality of La Local’s food is at another level, from its chicken and beef hamburgers to its potatoes, La Local is the place you must visit if you want what could well be the best hamburgers in Puerto Rico.

Pepper Bistros

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner, Pepper Bistros doesn’t disappoint. From its Guava cheese with nachos, Trifongo stuffed pepper, maposted rice, stuffed breasts, stuffed avocados or its margaritas, this Mexican restaurant fused with Creole food is one that will delight you.

Cafe 2150

According to what they tell us, one of the best coffees in Puerto Rico is taken at Café 2150. Cafe 2150’s coffees are 100% grown and harvested in Puerto Rico, which makes it a coffee shop with a special touch. Located two blocks from the Francisco Oller Museum, this beautiful cafeteria offers you the opportunity to enjoy your coffee before or after immersing yourself in the museum experience.

If you discover that their coffees are as delicious as we say, you can take your coffee bag as they are sold in the same place.

Toston Jibareño

El Toston Jibareño is a restaurant that specializes in Creole food and seafood. Among what they offer include meats such as Biftec, Churrasco, Fried Meat, Kan Kan Chops and fish and seafood such as Chillo, Grouper, Salmon, Shrimp, Lobster, Jueyes and Octopus.

One of the things that people do not stop telling us is that we try the sangrias, mojitos and churrascos from Toston Jibareño.

Luis Pizza

Operating since the 70’s, Luis Pizza is one of the best pizzerias in the Bayamon area. Their delicious pizzas and calzones have become a type of urban legend in the town of Bayamon because of how delicious they are.

Country House

Casa Campo in Bayamon is famous for its banana creations. Its stuffed mofongos, banana soups, mangu and tostones make this restaurant one that you should visit if you are a banana lover.

The food in this restaurant is like homemade and at an incredible price.

As you can see, Bayamon has nothing to envy any town on the island. From its exquisite restaurants, hotels, places to visit to its events, Bayamon has a little bit of everything to offer. Visit Bayamon and let us know how your experience was in the comments. Did we not include something that should have belonged to this article? Let us know in the comments.

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